About me

Hi! I'm Charles. I love code, learning a ton of stuffs and thinkering on new problems.

Right now, I study software engineering at the ECAM, an industrial engineering school based in Brussels, Belgium. My curriculum aims to learn everything we need to know about the so-called full-stack engineering. We have course about software developments, databases (SQL and NoSQL), low-level development, web development, software architecture, IT security, AI, ...

I'm currently more focused on distributed systems. I find the field very interesting because now, almost everything is distributed from your fridge (with IoT) to the new well-scalable consistent database (so called NewSQL like Spanner, CockroachDB, ...).

On Internet, you can generally find me under the name charlesvdv. Whenever I have the occasion, I contribute to open-source with my own littles projects or others projects because I need a feature, a bug fix or simply because I love the project and the codebase.